10 Powerful Blog Writing Tips

blog-writingIf you are looking at blogging then you’ll really want to get stuck in and study all the cutting-edge knowledge you can get your head around. Here we’ll provide a good 10 tips to start you out right. They are the 10 most important tips for two types of blog writers. The first is the newbie blogger; the one who has never tried it before and doesn’t want to come off sounding like a bogan. The second is the person who has an existing blog but needs to polish up the skills to continue to compete with the big blokes of the blogosphere.

1 Blog about what you know

target You a tradie? Then blogging about that would be a ripper. It doesn’t matter what you are blogging about there will be an audience for it. Whether you’re a salesman, brickie or truckie you can provide information about your trade or you can invite the whingers about the plights of your trade and give them solutions. The most important thing you have to understand is this. You have to create relevant and engaging content. This means you have to get the readers attention and how do you do that? You have to get to their pain points and solve their issues. Or, you have to entertain them in a way your target audience responds to. And this brings us to the next point quite naturally.

2 Find your target readership

smart It’s no good having a stellar blog but you end up talking to yourself because you aren’t attracting your target. This is an equally as important point as point one. First, you need a great subject that you know and are passionate about or an expert on and then you need to know where those people are looking for bloggers like you. There are two ways you need to do this. One, make a run of the keywords that your target is searching on your subject. It’s easy and you can do it in google. Two, post your blog in relevant Facebook groups that will allow it after you have developed relationships with the members.

3 Keep your perspective stable

This is an important act to avoid. If you start out speaking in the 1st person then stick with it. Same for 2nd and 3rd. It will confuse the audience. And by the way; you can start blogging in the first person. Many people think you can’t but it’s actually a great way to get a conversational blog going and really engage them. This is because it makes them feel like you are speaking directly and only to them.

4 Sleep on it

pizzaYou know, this is a common thing to hear when you’ve maybe written an emotional e mail or letter. But, there is a lot of value in this and it works the same for blogging. Always, wait at least 24 to 48 hours to proof read it again for any mistakes and then two more days to post it. It will make your quality points stellar.

5 Keep it professional

promo“Oy mate come on, I’m not an office dweller I do blogging for bikers!” Point taken but; there is a standard even in the most casual and slang-filled, Jacaranda blog for the tradie. The standard is this. NO text talk. Please in the name of all that is good and decent do not use the text talk ever. It takes your education credibility away.

6 Spelling and Grammar

grammarAlways do a spelling and grammar check even if you are a stellar speller! There is always room for mistakes and improvement. Misspelling and grammar issues will throw the quality off.

7 Active versus Passive voice

Social-MediaThe whole point of blogging is to inform or entertain. But, you have to do it in an engaging way and deliver it as if you are speaking to them directly. So, using active voice is best. Example; The writer was hired by us. This is passive. We went ahead and hired the writer. This is active. This speaks to your audience and not “at” them.

8 Post Consistently

KeyWriting and posting consistently is an important point because if you post willy nilly and you aren’t giving your readers stability then you aren’t going to be a very successful blogger. You won’t make money either. Why? Because you will have to establish trust first. Would you buy a product or maybe a coaching service from someone you didn’t trust? And if you aren’t selling anything you are still blogging for a reason and the same principle will apply.

9 Learn SEO

loveIf you are going to save money and time blogging then learning SEO as it pertains to keyword placement you’ll be ahead of the game. Keywords, are what we said earlier that you get from Google Anylitics. They should be placed once for every 100 words. This is a 1% density and will get you searchable and keeps you out of trouble.

10 Plan Posts Ahead

CollaboratePlanning posts is key and you can do this a week or two in advance. Do the research and and then outline what you are going to write about. One good thing to do is write in series. This way they always have something to look forward to. These can be tips and tricks as well as how-to articles. You can make posting even better for yourself and work more efficiently by using a free automated posting program. Hootesuite is a great way to time your posts and have them written a month or a week in advance.

Blogging is not a hard task. Monetizing it takes time and energy but if you are writing about what you know and are passionate about then you stand a very extraordinary chance to be successful. It takes passion and dedication and it will come around naturally. Write what you love!

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