Holistic approach to the theory and practice of business marketing

build to rent investmentMarketing Investment The Big Picture utilizes a holistic approach to the theory and practice of business marketing. After studying from this textbook, students will truly have an understanding of the big picture of successful marketing strategy. The authors strive to teach readers to think ahead, and show how different aspects of marketing are interconnected. This is the underlying thesis of the book; that any decision a marketing executive makes is going to have potentially unforeseen consequences, and that only by understanding exactly how things work as a whole can a manager make the best decisions. To accomplish this, the text uses real world case studies to present an integrated framework that shows students how to achieve this big picture approach.

A Totally Integrated Framework for investment

What Property Investment consultant does is not just teach students the in-depth workings of each individual activity in the marketing environment; it also strives to integrate these elements into a cohesive whole. An integrated framework such as the one presented in this text avoids the dangers of thinking about any one aspect of marketing strictly in a vacuum. Marketing students will instead learn a balanced approach to traditional marketing practices and realize how to develop a strategy that takes as much of the total system into account as possible. While decision making always involves risk, learning to think ahead in this way and weigh outcomes seeks to defray the inherent risk that comes with these decisions.

Utilization of Real World investment

A marketing textbook needs to be concerned with being practical. While it is important to have a clear philosophical approach, it can often be hard to know how to put concepts into practice if there is not a bridge between theory and the real world. That is why Investment The Big Picture employs actual case studies to illustrate all of the individual aspects of marketing and to show the importance of a strategic integrated approach. These case studies will show how real organizations have been positively and negatively effected by forward minded big picture thinking, or a lack thereof. These cases will definitely help the reader fully understand how to bring the ideas presented into their future careers as marketing executives.

Written By Experienced Marketing Experts

The authors of Investment The Big Picture are certainly qualified to teach the ideas that are presented in the text. Christine Nordhielm and Marta Dapena-Baron are founding partners of Big Picture Partners, a marketing consultancy that has helped many of the biggest companies on the planet learn and integrate the exact ideas presented in this book. These companies include major corporations such as GE, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express among many others. Both writers are accomplished speakers and professors, who also have practical experience in the business world. Christine Nordhielm is currently teaching Social Impact Marketing on the faculty of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Marta Dapena-Baron draws upon her extensive career with a number of U.S. and international firms to teach these ideas in a practical manner.

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