10 Things You’ll Want To See While in Australia

Australia, we say “Down Under” but it was first called Locac or Lucach, which in Latin means “unknown south land”. The names have a history but the natural beauty along with the numerous sites is great. There is so much to do on this continent and in this country. There is much to do inside and out in the open. The interesting, sights are too many to count. Although recommending 10 places to visit is like picking a needle out of a haystack, there are many, and these suggestions will leave you with warm memories.

10 Things You’ll Want To See While in Australia.


Cradle-Mountain-National-ParkHiking/Multi-Day – Get ready for scenery you have to record. Take plenty of pictures because the beauty along the trails is magnificent and you’ll want to show all of your friends back home all of these wondrous sites. For six days and five nights you’ll hike 65 km or approximately 40 miles in the Overland Track in Tasmania. You will climb through Cradle Valley in the north and make your way south to Lake St. Clair. The forests are filled with Eucalypti trees. You’ll pass through granite cathedrals, ancient forests, awesome bushwalks, 4WD treks,numerous glacial lakes and immense horeback riding trails in Cradle Mountain National Park. There are varying degrees of difficulty depending on the trails you chose. Get ready! It can be ardrous and taxing but, you will feel magnificent after you’ve accomplished this worthy challenge.

Island Hopping

Island-HoppingIsland Hopping is encouraged. While you’re outside don’t forget about the beautiful luscious islands around Australia. There are many well known islands Chatsworth Island, Esk Island, Sir Joseph Banks Group and Sandstone Islands. There are at least hundreds more you can chose. You can visit these areas and meet the locals and sample the different foods they produce. One such island is Phillip’s Island. Over 3 million tourist come to see the lush greenery and appreciate the beauty. There is fishing, picnic areas and beaches. The Phillip’s Island houses the “Little Penguins” and the march (if you catch it) are a perfect sight for the tourist. This is a large tourist attraction and many visitors are overcome with the beauty and majesty of this island. On the other hand, there is always Snake Island. Snake Island is a small island in Victoria, Austraila and houses snakes that live in a local dam. Nature lovers will enjoy this island.

The Museum of Old and New,( MONA)

The-Museum-of-Old-and-NewThe Museum of Old and New,( MONA). If you want to come inside for a while visit this must see “holder” of history. This museum is the largest in the southern hemisphere. The Museum of Old and New Art has millions in valuables. This large and diverse museum is located on a penunsula in Hobart, Tasmania. The Museum of Old and New Art houses antiques, modern and comtemporary art pieces. This museum opened January 2011 and has sponsored large public art displays and live performances. Many tourist enjoy the presentation of old and new art along with the art of musicians under one roof. The festivals are a performance to behold.


sydneySidney/Melbourne – Both of these urban centers are well worth visiting. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and the second most populous city in Australia and the second most populous city in Australia. The name “Melbourne” refers to an urban agglomeration area spanning 9,900 kmĀ² (6,000 miles) that makes up the metropolitian area of Melbourne. You may hear locals refer to area as the Melbourne City Centre. Over 4 million people live in Melbourne. It is a leading center known for its financial intstitutions as well as educational institutions. This city is constantly ranked as one of the top cities in the world.

Sydney, Australia is the most populous city in Australia and is considered a truly metropolitan, diverse city. Of course there is the renowned Sydney Opera House but, this city has also hosted major sporting events including the 2000 Summer Olympics and the 2003 Rugby World Cup. There are close to 5 million people in this city and they,along with the thousands of tourist enjoy the many beautiful restaurants and clean beaches.

The Great Barrier Reef

Great-Barrier-ReefThe Great Barrier Reef – You definitely have to put this destination at the top of your list. The Barrier Reef is always on someone’s “Best” places to go tour or vacation list. The Great Barrier is the world’s largest and only living organism big enough to be seen from outer space. This great wonder hosts a great, diverse multitude of lives. This great reef supports different species of whales, dolphins, porpoises, turtles, crocodiles and many plants. You cannot visit this without being aware of the environmental threats upon this barrier. Climate change is causing many negative changes. The coral is affected because of the dynamics from the climate. People are also polluting the area. Runoff with nitrogen and phosophorous are affecting the animals and plants on these coastal waters. Residents and tourists who are aware of the dangers are doing their part to keep The Great Barrier Reef sacred by not adding to the pollution.

Kangaroo Island

kangaroo-islandKangaroo Island – Get ready to see Australia’s third largest island, Kangaroo Island. It is right after Tasmania and Melville Island in size. It lies in the state of South Australia about 70miles (112 km) south-west of Adelaide. This island was once inhabited by Aborigines thousand of years ago. The Aborigines left the area after the high sea levels actually made the area an island. There are many townships and wilderness’ on this mysterious island.

If you are willing to spend 2-3 days at Kangaroo Island you will be able to see much of what it has to offer. You may not not see everything because of its immense size but you can see a lot. Activities available are fishing and watching whalers. There are many animals such as seals, sea lions and in the wild areas there are Koalas. Kangaroos of course are on this island and can be see in the more rural areas but, they will make their presence known in surrounding areas.

Kakadu National Park

Approaching Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park, NT, AustraliaKakadu National Park is another highlight for tourist who visit Australia. It is located in the Northern Territory of Australia. The Ranger Uranium Mine is quite an attraction and is still a very active and productive uranium mine which tourist can visit. It is surrounded by a colorful, busy park area. This area is in the wild and guarantees tourist a calm serene environment. Toursit can book a safari for a week or just take a day tour and absord the wildlife and natural scenery. Tourist can rent a 4 wheel drive and explore the park or have a guide show you the road to many hidden treasures in this area.

Gold Coast

gold-coastThe Gold Coast is the second largest city in Brisbane and sixth most populous city in Australia. It is a coastal city in the southeastern potion of Queensland. It is a coastal city in southeastern Queensland on the east coast of Australia. This city has over 3 million inhabitants. It was called the Gold Coast by real estate investors. Some of the first immigrants were prisoners. Many wealthy people came to this island in the mid-19th century and vacationed there. This attracted many people to the area and from then on it has been an extremely popular beachside town. There are live shows with Aussie music and culture in Gold Coast. Last year the show “Heroes of the Light Horse” won the Queenland’s Major Tourist Attraction and made a lasting impression on millions of tourist from all over the world with music, stories and stunts.

Broken Hill

broken-hillBroken Hill is an interesting mining city in the outback of Austrailia. The world’s largest mining company, BHP has strong roots in this town. There are many natural as well as man-made attractions. Some of these mines are open to the public. There is the Line of Lode, historic buildings, walking trails, western coach and wagon rides and many other attractions in this town. These include mining operations (some are not open to the public). Broken Hill is also a major base for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and The School of Air . Additionally, when you go to Broken Hill take advantage of the walking trails, and beautiful lakes.

Port Lincoln

port-lincolnPort Lincoln is located in the southern part of Australia. Port Lincoln has just over 14,000 residents. Port Lincoln, many claim is the “Seafood Capital” of Australia. This luxury city also holds the distinction having the most millionaires per capita in Australia. There is a also a large industry for Tuna farming in this city. You can find just about any kind of seafood here including oyster, seahorses, and lobsters. They also have a great amount of Blue Fin Tuna and Yellowtail Tuna.

When you decide to go to this spectacular country start with these 10 recommendations, and if you have more time go see the hundreds of other attractions all across this exciting country. Regardless, whatever you visit will leave a lasting impression and you will not leave Australia disappointed.

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