Accounting new edition by Hoggett

financeAccounting 8th Edition details the fundamental principles of accounting and describes how it is applied to small and large sized businesses. The text makes use of several in depth examples that explore the connections between accounting practices and successful businesses. It is accompanied by WileyPLUS, which empowers the reader to utilize an Internet edition of the text including a plethora of intensive iStudy resources. These resources are interactive in nature, permitting the reader to be proactive in his studies instead of merely a passive reader. There are also several test examples included in the materials that will nearly guarantee that the student passes his exams with flying colors. These tests provide a wide variety of questions as well as immediate results to create a test simulation that compares to reality.

Accounting 8th Edition Hoggett includes activities at the end of each chapter that will review the content with depth and breadth. These activities are composed of problems to solve, exercises, discussion challenges and unique case studies. There are also Concepts for Review at each chapter’s outset to indicate to the reader what information he has to fully understand before completing that section. Moreover, the book explores the concept of accounting with effective teaching methods that explain what accounting is and how it is performed by professionals.

The book is available for $50 as an E-text that can be read either on the Internet or offline. Readers can study with heir computers, smartphones, tablets and iPads. The user’s personal notes and unique highlighting will remain intact regardless of where they are made. An E-text will last forever for merely $50. For $65, the E-text is also provided with WileyPLUS with iStudy to provide the reader with that extra bit of confidence to ace any accounting exam.

Accounting 8th Edition Hoggett is also available in print for $97.56 with free shipping to Australian customers. It is a “binder ready version” of the text in loose leaf style. This sells for much less than a typical textbook for the subject matter. Since it is in a binder, it allows the reader to bring only specific parts of the text to class. Istudy is included with this version. A second print version of Accounting 8th Edition is also available for $134.36. Aside from the text and iStudy, it also comes with WileyPLUS which is outlined above. This is a soft cover text with an easy to use simple layout.

Accounting 8th Edition Hoggett is written by an array of esteemed authors: John Hoggett, John Medlin, Evelyn Hogg, Lew Edwards and Matthew Tilling. Mr. Hoggett taught accounting courses at universities in Queensland and Western Australia. Mr. Medlin is currently a senior lecturer at the University of South Australia’s School of Commerce. Mr. Edwards teaches at the School of Accounting at the Queensland University of Technology. Mr. Tilling works at the University of Notre Dame as a senior lecturer. Evelyn Hogg also works at the University of Notre Dame as a senior lecturer in managerial accounting and financial accounting.

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