Business UNI book 3rd edition

financeBusiness Law 3rd Edition provides its readers with a unique and interesting take on the introduction to business law. This 3rd edition teaches business more than just what law is; it also teaches them where law is found, how to read law, how to use law, and how law has a crucial impact on all areas pertaining to business. 3rd Edition aims to give business students a greater awareness to law, business, and commercial environments. iStudy is incorporated into this edition, which is an interactive study aid that gives students access to numerous local videos and interactive modules with included activities to further students’ knowledge of the law. The E-Text can be viewed both online and offline from an iPad, tablet, computer, or a smartphone while be able to sync among numerous devices so students never lose their notes and highlights.

Each chapter contains a beginning and ending narrative by Johnny and Ash; these narratives teaches the student the importance and relevance of the law concepts that will be presented in that chapter. The features between Johnny and Ash plays out numerous scenarios that includes discussing one or more key issues that will be taught to the students, with the resolution to these issues being played out at the end of the chapter. This gives students a real world demonstration of how and why particular issues might arise in a place of business.

Each chapter also ends with a set of questions that tests the student’s knowledge and understanding of the previously read content from the current chapter. Exercises show them how their knowledge can be applied to common legal problems.

There are ‘Law in Context’ boxes that offers the student alternative perspectives that apply to the laws in each chapter; including the operation law in practice, different ethical views, how law is portrayed in popular culture, philosophical and historical perspectives on the pertaining law, economical and social science insight, the political context in which the specified law developed from, and as well mapping the law in a global context.

Business Law Nickolas James 3rd edition has won the UQ award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004 and then the National Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2007; these just being two of the numerous teaching awards that James has won. In addition to authoring Business Law, 3rd Edition, he is also the author of Business Law and the Associate editor of Legal Education review. He is currently conducting research about legal education and critical legal theory with his latest project that investigates the teaching and assessment of legal reasoning skills.

This educational book is part of Wiley’s affordability program that provides students with premium learning resources at a lower price that they can afford. As their ongoing commitment to higher education, they believe that every student should have the access to quality learning resources regardless of what their budget may be; this ensures that teachers and students are better equipped to help each teacher teach and every student learn.

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