The evolution of travel

tourism-australiaThe evolution of travel and international interaction over the past century has resulted in a modern society that is addicted to travel. As a powerful and influential economic giant, the tourism industry throughout the world including Australia has given rise to concrete methods and systems of managing aspects of the travel industry.

Australian tourism affects an incredibly wide variety of commercial and culture interests. There is no arguing that tourism is vitally important to the economic and cultural stability of many parts of Australian society. Tourism Management 5th Edition is perhaps the most detailed and comprehensive textbook available to entrepreneurs engaged in the limitless potential provided within sustained successful tourism.

Any industry-specific manual that is popular enough to warrant a fifth edition must be filled with information that is universal and timeless. Though economic conditions change with the tide of markets, essential truths in every industry remain intact. Tourism Management 5th Edition is a complete and exhaustive manual highlighting and delineating the aspects of what makes tourism a sustainable industry. This includes history, patron evaluation, company growth and sophisticated projections for the future.

Since international tourism is a vibrant and laudable industry, leading scholars and professionals now contribute considerable intellectual and practical knowledge to its understanding. Tourism Management 5th Edition is an invaluable source for discovering statistically-proven truths about the present and future states of tourism.

David Weaver is a professor of tourism research at Griffith University with over 30 years experience in the fields of ecotourism and tourism sustainability. Laura Lawton is the Deputy Head of the Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management at Griffith University. Together, this duo has designed the most pertinent and success-oriented manual for business professionals directly engaged in the various aspects of the tourist industry. This team’s contributions to understanding the nature and variations in tourism due to worldwide conditions is unmatched. Their book Tourism Management, now in its fifth edition, is the most complete and proven source in Australia for insights into successful tourism-based business.

Tourism Management fifth edition comprises 12 chapters of vital information regarding the pursuit of tourism industry excellence. In the first few chapters, a history of tourism is examined and the elements of successful tourism industry is identified and evaluated.

The bulk of this unique volume is dedicated to the exploration of how tourism impacts local and national economies. This includes business development trends, cultural interaction and the inclusion of innovations in ecology, media, law and nationalistic advertising. The final section of Tourism Management 5th Edition focuses on modern tourism industry conditions and theories regarding sustainable tourism in specific regions like Australia. This manual treats tourism as the important world economic factor that it is, and provides information for people engaged in its perpetuation.

While the subject of cultural and economic conditions pertaining to tourism can often be a rather heady and tedious subject, Tourism Management 5th Edition is arranged to be accessible to anyone. From people wanting to learn about becoming better tourist industry workers, to investors searching for tourism “hot zones;” this manual is unmatched. The text is scholarly, yet straightforward. The concepts are universal, but easily understood by all readers.

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