Marketing new edition UNI book by Greg Elliott, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, David Walle

Marketing-3rd-EditionMarketing 3rd Edition is ideal for first-year marketing students as this edition was specifically written with them in mind. It covers key concepts in a way that first-year students can effectively follow and understand. This edition uses numerous case studies to illustrate to students the importance and relevance pertaining to the topics taught in class.

iStudy also comes with the text, which is an interactive study aid for students that includes numerous videos and interactive modules that help students further their knowledge and understanding of the subject with activities. iStudy is readily available among most operating systems such as the iPad, tablet, computer, or smartphone, and can sync among all devices so the student never loses their notes or highlights. This 2nd Edition comes in two versions; an even lower priced version that only has the iStudy for a rental period of 30 days, and the full version which gives the student unlimited use for the iStudy.

Marketing 3rd Edition features color-coded spotlights in ever chapter while providing real world examples followed with applied questions to test the student’s knowledge and understanding of the chapter. At the end of every chapter, a case study provides a more in-depth analysis on the topic.

This edition also includes a marketing plan activity where students are progressively encouraged to develop their own plan for a product of their choosing at the end of every chapter; for reference, an example plan is located at the back of the text if needed. All of these features aid the student in achieving a better understanding of the pertaining topic to each chapter so they’re continuously becoming more knowledgeable in the subject.

Marketing 3rd Edition was written by Greg Elliott, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, and David Waller. Elliott is currently a professor of business and a International Associate Dean at the Faculty of Business and Economics located at the Macquarie University since 2005. He’s previously held educational academics at numerous locations of schooling such as The University of Technology, Sydney, as well as the University of Western Australia and University of Melborne all before he joined Macquarie.

He also held visiting appointments at two colleges, both of which are located in Dublin, Ireland; Trinity and University. Waller is a senior lecturer at he University of Technology located in Sydney. It was at the University of Sydney that he received his Bachelor of Arts. Rundle-Thiele received the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Award for being recognized for her outstanding work and contribution to student learning in 2008. She has also published numerous papers in a vast array of academic journals such as the Journal of Consumer Behavior and the Journal of Brand Management.

This 2nd Edition is part of Wiley’s Affordability Program that helps students reach a higher education regardless of their budget by providing them with affordable, quality resources at a lower price. Wiley has been dedicated with their ongoing commitment of ensuring that they provide teachers with the learning resources they need to teach and the resources that students need to learn.

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