New financial accounting edition book

Financial-Accounting-8th-Edition-textbookThe successful and comprehensive Financial Accounting textbook has released its newest version. Now on the 8th edition, the textbook boasts more information than ever. The book primarily deals with different examples concerning managing financial assets to show students, rather than simply explain to them, important theories and of financial accounting. Financial Accounting, 8th Edition enhances a student´s understanding of how financial principles can be applied and used in real life. This makes the concepts they have been taught come to life as they see how they influence the decisions of accountants and other financial specialists. Students can see the reality of the profession and come to understand that even the most experienced employee can make mistakes and read numbers wrong. The idea is that if applied properly, what they learn can allow them to take intelligent risks to minimize losses they will inevitably face.

The 8th edition of the book, published by Wiley Direct, boasts improved features to make it the most interactive and user-friendly book of its kind on the market. The most notable addition is entitled WileyPLUS. This service allows the textbook to be accessed online, making studying more convenient than ever.

Also online, Wiley provides buyers with an interactive interface to make studying not only convenient, but easy. The interface, entitled, iStudy allows students to take command of their studying. Financial Accounting 8th Edition is armed with discussion questions and case studies to get students thinking and applying the concepts in each chapter. And in addition, iStudy boasts a plethora of pracitice tests, quizzing them on important concepts found in the book, just like their professors will. The Concepts for Review section is really invaluable. It helps students recall all the information they have learned and gives inforamation in its easiest, most simplified format.

Written by five experienced accounting professors and officials, representing several institution in both Australia and the United States, the collaboration of these five individuals is one of the greatest accounting collaborations ever made. Not only are these professionals seasoned in the classroom, most have practical experience as well. Some have worked in the industry as employees while other have lectures professionals and held confereces, while others still, have created their own accounting businesses. This combination of practical experience coupled with classroom smarts and academic know-how make the 8th Edition a sure success. This fusion of experiences ensures that while the book is up-to-date with the newest financial information and case studies, it also captures the attention of the students and is written in a way most conducive to grasping the relevant information, organized in a well thought out sequence.

Financial Accounting, 8th Edition has expanded its market with its latest installment by offering different purchasing options for its customers. Naturally, the book comes in traditional textbook format for the traditionalists. However, it is also offered in loose page format and Etext. These addition can all be armed with Wiley´s new WileyPLUS to access the textbook at any time online, and iStudy, the interactive interface that enhances personal study and comprehension.

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